Competitive Intelligence for Business Development Professionals
(CI for BD Professionals)

Data is ubiquitous in today’s law firms. The ability to filter, analyze and apply that data is not. The Tilt Institute’s CI for BD Professionals tackles this gap head on, providing a monthly online training program and forum to teach business development (BD) and other professionals how to optimize their use of information.

Register today to secure your spot.

Register today to secure your spot.

The Program

Over the course of this year-long program, mid-level and senior BD team members will hone their strategic thinking skills and build a deeper understanding of the tools, resources and information available to make better decisions and gain competitive advantage. The ten sessions will cover a series of essential topics including:

  • Anticipating and catering to the needs of existing clients
  • How to differentiate in an RFP
  • Competitive benchmarking analysis
  • Ferreting out cross-selling opportunities
  • Anatomy of a data-driven go-to-market plan
  • Preparing lawyers for a significant business development meeting
  • Getting the most out of law firm financial reports
  • Targeting growth – prospecting, building lists, market segmentation
  • Adding client value – alliances, trend-spotting
  • Identification of and portability analysis for laterals
  • Monitoring triggers to proactively spot opportunity

The goal of the program is to equip participants with the skills to interpret, apply and effectively communicate critical insights and recommendations to lawyers, clients and business professionals. Virtually every session will include discussions of applicable tools and resources, both public and proprietary, to assist in analysis and opportunity identification. However, the primary emphasis for the CI for BD Professionals graduate is how best to extract and articulate pertinent insights to enhance the client development capabilities of the team, lawyers and firm.

We deliver:

  • 10 one-hour online sessions
  • 30-45 minutes of training
  • 15 minutes of Q&A and discussion
  • Periodic guest appearances by experts and vendor/users
  • On-demand, recorded sessions available for those who can’t make the scheduled time or would like to review materials

Our recent study on The Evolution of Competitive Intelligence in Law Firms, co-produced with Acritas, revealed the area in which law firm leaders most want to improve is in their team’s ability to connect the dots. CI for BD Professionals can help you and your team deliver on this goal.


The lead trainer

Marcie Borgal Shunk has been helping law firm clients transform insights into action for more than two decades. She is an expert on legal market trends and works collaboratively with law firm leadership to infuse a smart, data-driven approach to planning and executive decisions. Read more here.


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