Leadership and Culture.

Next Generation Leaders

an Engaging Leaders program


We are in the midst of the largest intergenerational transfer of client relationships and leadership in legal industry history. Yet at many firms the next generation of leaders feel underprepared and overwhelmed. This custom-designed multi-session program is tailored to foster a collaborative, safe environment in which current, new and up-and-coming leaders can work together to tackle the most pressing issues facing their firms and the legal industry today.

  • Tailored to your firm’s mission-critical objective

  • Modeled after MBA and independent research programs

  • Delivered in 4+ interactive, in-person one-day sessions

  • Ideal for inclusive leadership teams of 24 to 28 C-suite and lawyer leaders

  • Customized throughout delivery to the group’s evolving needs and concerns

  • Fosters critical thinking, research skill-building and a strategic, growth mindset

is your firm ready for the future? re-imagining law is
your one-day leap into preparedness.

Re-Imagining Law

for Leadership Committee* Members

*Executive, Management, Policy, etc.

Re-Imagining Law is an intensive one-day, onsite program designed to help members of Leadership Committees get up to speed on their role and responsibilities and set the stage for investing in a long-term vision. The program is optimized for 3 types of law firms:

  1. Those embarking on a dedicated initiative to inject long-term thinking into their strategy or business planning on an ongoing basis

  2. Those undergoing a change in leadership (MP, EC or department/practice) which demands building a baseline understanding and discussing how best to prioritize goals in the coming term

  3. Those preparing the next generation of leaders with an in-depth understanding of the business of law and the tools to drive change

Cultural Assessments

Culture is an amorphous concept with powerful, tangible implications. Few law firms truly understand – or measure – the behavioral norms influencing the way individuals interact with one another and with clients. Yet culture is the underpinning of what drives financial performance, employee engagement, client satisfaction and the ability to adapt to change.

We use one of the world’s most recognized assessment tools, Human Synergistics International’s Organizational Culture Inventory, to help our law firm clients unleash the power of their culture. We evaluate the current culture, ideal culture and the processes and mechanisms influencing what people experience every day. Cultural assessments can be used to understand and address issues and opportunities related to:

  • Lawyer attraction and retention

  • Innovation (or lack thereof)

  • Variable performance across practices, offices or countries

  • Employee engagement

  • Leadership selection and expectations

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Merger/acquisition due diligence or integration efforts