Re-Imagining Law:
A Leadership Committee Member Program

Re-Imagining Law helps members of Leadership Committees* get up to speed on their role and responsibilities and set the stage for investing in a long-term vision. It is ideal for firm leaders seeking to a) establish a solid understanding of the business of law; b) identify key trends impacting the future of the legal industry; and c) arm themselves with the right questions to ask to make critical decisions in the best interest of the firm.

Program availability is limited. Call 1.617.596.1315 for more information about scheduling and qualifications.

Program availability is limited. Call 1.617.596.1315 for more information about scheduling and qualifications.

the agenda

Over the course of the program, law firm leaders will engage in discussion (and often debate) about how each of the overarching changes in the legal industry impact the law firm and which changes dovetail with – or challenge – the firm’s current trajectory. The objective is to question traditional thinking, offer different perspectives and provide leaders with the tools required to do things differently.

The Program

Re-Imagining Law is an intensive one-day, onsite program. Its goal is to prepare law firm leaders for the fundamental changes required to compete in a slow- to no-growth market. This carefully tailored program delivers concrete examples in a high-impact session that will help executive committee members:

  • Understand and embrace their role as leaders
  • Identify ways to prepare the firm for long-term success
  • Gain familiarity with the tools, tactics and approaches to spur change
  • Objectively assess and benchmark the firm’s readiness for change
  • Better understand and articulate the various changes facing the legal industry

Re-Imagining Law provides a comprehensive inventory of change impacting the legal sector and what law firms can expect. The program designates five fundamental, interrelated facets of change replete with facts, explanations and frameworks. It includes examples of how some market leaders are responding, discussion about the Firm’s current opportunities and challenges, and an opportunity to define the Firm’s competitive differentiators in a changing market. 

the preparation: firm-specific analysis

The Tilt Institute customizes each program to incorporate an objective, baseline review of the firm’s financials, operations and strategy. This tailored appraisal and analysis of existing materials provided by the firm sets the stage to focus discussion on the most timely and relevant issues for the Firm and its future. Aspects from this evaluation will be integrated into the presentation materials and agenda, as appropriate.

Subsequent to the program, The Tilt Institute hosts a one-hour video conference, typically within 3 to 4 weeks of the session, to offer the opportunity for EC members to receive additional guidance, ask questions and continue honing objectives and priorities for their firm and situation.

The presenter and facilitator

Marcie Borgal Shunk has been helping law firm clients transform insights into action for more than two decades. She is an expert on legal market trends and works collaboratively with law firm leadership to infuse a smart, data-driven approach to planning and executive decisions. Read more here.


Email Marcie Borgal Shunk at or call +1.617.596.1315.