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Planning and Advisory.

Go-to-Market Planning

Pursuit of new market opportunities can be both daunting and exhilarating. We use a proven framework for evaluating options, defining critical success factors and developing a clear path forward. The establishment of specific expectations, performance metrics and accountability for individual action items helps to ensure progress and successful implementation.

  • New Service Offerings, including Disruptive Technologies

  • Office Openings

  • Complementary or Ancillary Businesses

Strategic Advisory & Facilitation

Today's legal market presents unique leadership challenges, including an onslaught of competing priorities. An experienced, external voice can help create focus. We work with you to expose small groups of leaders and decision makers to current trends, tailored analytics and proven frameworks to make the decisions that are right for your firm. Our larger audience programs emphasize changing industry dynamics to inspire, energize and motivate change.

  • Future Positioning Analysis

  • Gap Analysis Between Strategy and Market Trends

  • Retreat Programming, Workshops & Keynotes