Kicks off May 16, 2019 with a two-day onsite retreat at Perkins Coie’s offices in D.C.
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What Is the Legal rEvolution?

Today’s law firms are facing unprecedented change - significant shifts in demand, well-capitalized disrupters and the largest intergenerational transfer of business and leadership in industry history.

A new cadre of leaders is rising and will define the industry’s direction for the coming decades. Authentic, bold, self-aware and inclusive, these visionaries require a novel set of skills to drive change in their firms and in the way law firms do business.

You can be one of those leaders.

Join the rEvolution.

Leading the Legal rEvolution: Advanced Training Program

Leading the Legal rEvolution is a 6-month, immersive training program that combines onsite programming with independent team work and problem-solving to simulate real-world challenges and imbue leaders with essential skills to drive change within their organizations. Using a proven curriculum developed over decades of working with AmLaw 200 leaders, Leading the Legal rEvolution is ideal for current and incoming law firm leaders who want to break away from historical models and metrics and lay the foundation to challenge status quo, break the mold, and fix what is not yet broken.

What You Will Learn

Attendees will be encouraged to interact with one another and instructors to probe into key issues such as revenue growth in a flat market, changing client demands, pricing models, market disruption, alternative staffing models, the rise of innovation, firm profitability, and more.

Topics include:

  • Leading through market disruption
  • Identifying what correlates with long-term financial growth and profitability – and what doesn’t
  • Defining and aligning strategy and structure of a law firm
  • Translating and using data to drive transformation and make better, more informed decisions
  • Learning to avoid innovation failures and how to bring strategies back on track
  • Developing and growing a meaningful, authentic brand
  • Aligning tomorrow’s talent model and ways to prepare for the shift
  • Increasing your emotional intelligence to improve your leadership skills
  • Creating a springboard for motivating and managing change

The Experience

The program kicks-off with an intensive two-day retreat during which leaders will learn about and discuss the dynamic changes across the legal industry and the impact these have on the future of law firms, their clients and their talent.

This comprehensive program includes:

  • Two days onsite in early 2019 – an intensive retreat to kick-off the session
  • Virtual discussions and working groups with members of the cohort
  • In-depth exploration of a high-priority topic of interest (student-determined)
  • Periodic, scheduled check-ins with course instructors
  • Individual leadership assessment and coaching call
  • Independent research and networking opportunities
  • One-day onsite capstone in summer 2019
We will engage in interactive exercises to surface top priority areas of interest for the cohort and their firms, from which we will construct task forces to work independently to create a vision for the future of law. The program culminates with a dedicated day to deliver recommendations and findings, explore leadership profiles, and engage in in-depth learning about the most effective change management tools and techniques.

Who Is Welcome

  • Managing Partners
  • Leadership Committee Members
  • Department/Practice Group Leaders
  • C-Suite Leaders
  • Office Managing Partners
  • Industry Group Leaders
  • Committee Leaders

An Exclusive Opportunity

Attendees will enjoy career-long connections to those in their cohorts as well as extended peer-to-peer networking. Open to the public for the first time, this inaugural program draws on a proven approach to teaching and facilitation, based on tailored programs previously delivered only in-house to dozens of AmLaw 200 leaders.

Key Features:

  • Highly interactive
  • In-depth small group projects
  • Real-life case studies
  • Emphasis on critical thinking and applied leadership skills
  • Collaborative, practical learning with other leaders








Marcie Borgal Shunk

A lifelong passion for research. An insatiable curiosity. Over 20 years advising law firms. Addicted to results. Puzzle-solver. People-motivator. Fast thinker. Vision-maker. Marcie Borgal Shunk helps law firm clients position themselves ahead of changing markets with intelligence, insights and intuition. She brings together internal and external analytics to reveal the trends, growth drivers, vulnerabilities and opportunities that help her clients make smarter decisions. She specializes in client development, go-to-market strategies and law firm expansion. Marcie is an ALM Legal Intelligence Fellow, authors a regular column on law firm strategy in The Legal Intelligencer and New York Law Journal and formerly served on the International Board of Directors for the Legal Marketing Association. An engaging presenter and oft-quoted expert, this Harvard graduate enjoys challenging the status quo and has done so in The American Lawyer and Law360, among other publications. Marcie spent 11 years helping to build the legal vertical at The BTI Consulting Group and was part of the strategy team at LawVision Group prior to launching her own company, The Tilt Institute, dedicated to shifting perspectives. Intelligently.


Marci Krufka Taylor

A strategic mindset. Brand builder and communications guru. Client experience curator. Leadership cultivator. Mindfulness practitioner. Marci Krufka Taylor advises clients on strategy, marketing and management issues and provides executive training and coaching to leaders in the legal profession. An industry veteran of 20+ years, she was a principal with Altman Weil, an AmLaw100 executive and practicing attorney. Her understanding of market dynamics, firm culture and interpersonal relationships allow her to serve as a trusted advisor to law firm leaders and to guide clients to smart growth, intergenerational transition and effective, motivational management. Marci has been quoted in the New York Times and the legal press and written for leading industry publications. Her thought-provoking presentations have been featured at national and regional conferences and management and marketing seminars, workshops and retreats. Committed to empowering legal leaders to effect meaningful change, Marci is the president and founder of Mantra, a strategy consultancy.



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Register Now

Registration and Fees

Registration includes all programming (2-day retreat, 1-day capstone and interim calls with instructors and experts), leadership assessment and coaching call and meals during the onsite meetings. Travel expenses, including airfare, hotel and transportation, are the responsibility of the registrant.

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Individual leader registration: $9,500 per person
2 to 3 registrations from the same firm: $9,250 per person
4 or more registrations from the same firm: $8,750 per person

Registration is limited. Reserve your spot today.
Two-day kick-off retreat begins May 16, 2019 in D.C.

Individual Leader Registration
2 to 3 registrations from the same firm
4 or more registrations from the same firm