New for 2019! leading the legal revolution program
for incoming and change-minded leaders.

Leadership Programs.

Re-Imagining Law

for Leadership Committee* Members

*Executive, Management, Policy, etc.

Re-Imagining Law is an intensive one-day, onsite program designed to help members of Leadership Committees get up to speed on their role and responsibilities and set the stage for investing in a long-term vision. The program is optimized for 3 types of law firms:

  1. Those embarking on a dedicated initiative to inject long-term thinking into their strategy or business planning on an ongoing basis

  2. Those undergoing a change in leadership (MP, EC or department/practice) which demands building a baseline understanding and discussing how best to prioritize goals in the coming term

  3. Those preparing the next generation of leaders with an in-depth understanding of the business of law and the tools to drive change

CI for Law Firm Leaders

Demand for analytics and intelligence is increasing exponentially, both at law firms and their clients. Virtually every leader draws on data in some capacity to do their job, yet few have had the benefit of formal training in how best to evaluate, analyze, use and present information. We offer tailored training programs, one-on-one coaching and other advisory services to provide the skills needed to create and leverage business intelligence.